Tuesday, July 6, 2010


From something I'll likely never publish:

It began simply, the callousness of these desolate days. The winds swept with fiercer gusts, storms grew torrential and violent, the earth rattled, breaking bodies and cracking cement. When the floods left New York and Tokyo into skeletal dregs, when buildings and industry posed no great threat against nature’s brutal assault, Anissa and her people knew the End would come, that their days would not be long. They had only to wait, to watch the skies, to count each breath as they anticipated.

Governments tumbled and fell. Anarchy became the strongest political platform. Men with guns and wealth became the ruthless class, stealing what they could of time, food, Champions— full circle for Anissa’s people, lands taken, rights ignored, atrocities visited upon them again and again.

The purported civilized became the desperate overlords of those they deemed inferior. The poor and the common man brawled back, forming the Resistance— former hatreds, past prejudices forgotten as the Guard rose. Blacks, Aryans, Hispanics, lower and middle classes of every race forgetting their animosity to rage against the Guard who had assumed control, who had murdered and stolen in attempts to reorganize civility to their liking.

The Resistance grew strong, small communities sharing the burden of survival, becoming phantoms saviors of the dying class, fighting against impossible cruelty, immeasurable odds. Anissa and her people stood against the threats, those seeking to destroy what they could not conquer.


Danielle said...

Really liked this. Has some ominous overtones that appeal to a reader like me. Good job.


Anonymous said...

Why do you think you'll never publish this one? It looks like you're laying down the foundation of an interesting story.

I'll be watching for your contribution to next week's #teasertuesday - I've enjoyed this one :)

Anonymous said...

Very powerful little teaser piece. You summed up the collapse of civilization wonderfully. I'd like to see more of this story, actually.

TS Tate said...

Thanks, guys. This is part of a post-apocalyptic short I wrote. It needs a bit of editing, so this was the part that was deleted. I am working on the final draft though, so I haven't abandoned it completely.

Thanks for the reads and the comments, guys, I really appreciate it greatly!

RidingnWriting said...

This is really quite good. The omminous tone reminds me a great deal of Orwell's work. I'm looking foreward to reading more

TS Tate said...

Thanks so much for the comment and for RT on Twitter!