"T.S. Tate was awesome! She ‘got’ my voice and my story goals and added polish and precision." Carolyn Crane, Author of of the Disillusionists urban fantasy trilogy.

"While an emerging author as well, T.S. Tate, is a fine freelance editor. I can personally (and highly) recommend her, as she edited my book Publishing & Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author." Christine Rose

"With a Master of Arts In English, and a writing style that leaves you feeling humbled and awed, TS Tate is an outstanding choice for your freelance editing needs. Her work is clean, precise, and expedient. You get so much more than you pay for with her." ~Heather McCorkle, Author of The Secret Of Spruce Knoll 

"TS Tate is an excellent editor with real insight into the flow and structure of a piece. She’s accurate, perceptive, and an excellent writer in her own right. She gives you new direction and angles in how to think about your writing and approach any problems, and I really enjoy working with her."

Elaine Lowe (aka Christine Case-Lo)

"TS Tate is an experienced and efficient editor; I have worked with her collaboratively on uncountable projects, and her professionalism and careful attention have been unmatched. I recommend TS Tate to anyone seeking a thorough, insightful editor with natural skill and unwavering consistency."

Adrienne Crezo, Freelance Writer/Editor