Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Painting Stories #13

What I got:

That night, the winds were ceaseless, cruel. Like the quick slaps of a thunderstruck wave, it hedged forward, onward until she is consumed by its power. It is relentless, like him, like his lust, his power and she can bear neither.

Picture courtesy of this place.Link


Heather said...

Oh wow, absolutely chilling! For some reason I'm picturing mermaids in the deep sea...

TS Tate said...

Hehe no, no mermaids. Glad you liked it, hon.

Elaine Lowe said...

Oh, I love yours! Chilling...leaves you wanting the next line right now!


She was so angry that she barely made it off the cliff and into the embrace of thick sea air before her power crackled from her fingertips. Each minute her speed grew until she was soaring over the black ocean, trying to find comfort in the adrenaline rush of flight. But her electricity couldn't be stopped and it crackled through the air with a pleasurable pain that made her rend the air with screams.
Damn, it felt good to let go of all the anger - even if she scared the humans she was trying to protect.

TS Tate said...

Nice, C!! Loved that.