Monday, January 17, 2011

BDCWB Bookclub

In an effort to promote great literature and great discussions among readers, BDCWB proudly introduces our BDCWB Book Club. Now, before you start rolling your eyes, thinking that I'm being all sales pitchy, bear in mind that this ain't your Mama's book club. (Apologies to my fellow English nerds for making you cringe).

BDCWB loves to foster communication by and about writers and with the book club, the intention is to continue that productive energy into discussions about great books. This is an effort to not only support the endeavors of some great writers, but to openly discuss the merits or pitfalls of the books we read on a monthly basis.

According to BDCWB:

Members have the opportunity to chose from five of our genre based book clubs: Literary, African American Fiction, Romance, Young Adult and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. And the best part, is that each book club features all of the same great membership benefits:
  • Moderated chats with the author of the selected books
  • Q&A sessions with book printers, graphic designers, publishers and agents
  • Daily open forums and discussion posts
  • Gift card and book giveaways
Monthly membership to the Best Damn Book Club is $5 (or $20 if you want a signed copy of the book shipped to your house).

So if you're looking for a way to have honest, intelligent discussions with fellow readers while supporting the publishers and writers you love to read, do us a favor and join the party.

We have cookies.

Well, we have metaphorical cookies and, um, there's less calories in those.

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