Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I know. I KNOW. You want an ending to "Wishing Well."

Judy, I know, trust me.

I can only offer you a lame "it was the holidays and my muse abandoned me" excuse.

It seems she deserts me when the leaves turn. It seems my excuses are plenty and my motivation is null, particularly when bombarded with holiday/end of the year responsibilities.

So I won't insult any of you by saying the story will be completed in x number of days, because, to be honest, I'm not certain when the missing muse will reemerge. However, I can tell you that I've been editing it and that I believe I see the light at the top of that dark, freak-ravaged well.

Pun, intended.

This time of year it's normal to see the majority of posts and tweets and status updates that beg the same silly question: "What's your New Year's resolution?"

Generally, I don't make them because I'm SUCH the procrastinator and likely undiagnosed ADHD sufferer that what I've resolved to accomplish in the beginning of the year is forgotten around Mardi Gras time.

So this year, prompted by the wise words of a dynamic woman in my church, I won't make resolutions. Rather, I'm going to choose a word for the year. One simple word that defines all that I hope to accomplish.

That word, for me, is: organize.

Time management has never been a strong quality of mine. I work best at the final-really-there-is-no-time-deadline. I love the pressure. I thrive on it. (Might be why my cholesterol and blood pressure is so dang high). But with so much on my plate (BDCWB, family, job, #writersroad, writing responsibilities AND starting a tiny side business), the time has come to organize the chaos.

No resolutions for me. Just a word, a simple word that I hope directs my path this year.

So, my sweet friends, what will your word for 2011 be?


Judy the Lovely said...

I do look forward to the completion of Wishing Well...but do understand the vanishing muse...mine left me a few years ago and just has no desire to return at all!

I don't make resolutions either...I try to set goals instead. Of course, my major goal for the coming year is FIND A JOB!!!! When that goal is accomplished, I can think on other things.

Prayers toward that end would be appreciated!

Love you, Tee!

Heather said...

A word, I love that idea. My word would have to be 'agent'. That is my single most important writing type goal this year. On a personal level the word would have to be 'balance'. I want to find balance between life and social networking/writing! BTW, if you're looking for your muse you won't want to miss my blog's Friday Creature Feature. ;)

TS Tate said...

@Judy I hope the muse returns to you one day, honey. They can be tricky...and annoying. I'll keep praying that the most amazing job happens to your way. Love you back, honey. @Heather I like that word as well and I have no doubt the right agent is out there just waiting for your manuscript to cross their desks. Can't wait for Friday's post. Oh are we officially doing writersroad on Thursday?

A. J. Larrieu said...

I love the "word for the year" idea. I think mine is "balance." I want to figure out how to make all the parts of my life (writer, day-job, wife, friend) fit together in harmony!

Best of luck with your side business.

TS Tate said...

Thanks, AJ I appreciate the support and I think 'balance' is an amazing word for the year! Good luck to you too!