Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stop hitting me, Muse

So, I’ve weaned myself off obsessively reading blogs and following certain tweets, (with the exception of my favorites to cyber stalk…sorry, Kim, apologies, Carrie). But, for the most part, this little reprieve has focused my attention and pulled the muse back to my mind kicking and screaming. Oh, that silly little thing is there, even though she’s reluctant to share her gift with me today.

I think she’s mad I left her there while reading Richelle Mead’s series (for a few days) instead of writing. Sorry, Muse, couldn’t help it. Good one, that series.

In any event, I finished my short story. There’s no other way to describe it other than to say that it’s a post-apocalyptic love story. That sounds equal parts menacing and saccharine, but it’s neither, really. The point is, I finished. And, *touches wood* I am a bit proud of it. It’s all things SciFi meets allegory, but with a twist. Finally, almost two years after I finished writing my novel, I have jumped back in and actually completed something. This is a very, very good thing for me.

I did not stop there, with the short story. It’s continued on and I’m near to completion with a second short story I began about six months ago. Once this one is out of the way and both shorts have been edited and refined, I can finally start writing that Feminist Fairy Tale novel that has been bouncing around in my head for ages. (Possibly, the idea for the novel is just my mind’s response to the Muse stomping her feet, but whatever).

An enjoyable birthday brought with it a shiny new laptop thanks to the hubby so writing has become much more convenient. No screaming girls, no needy puppies wanting my full attention. I can now close the door, settle in and write, uninterrupted. That, my friends, is a very helpful thing.

In any event, I think I’ve got my mojo back…something I’ve been missing quite a bit.

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