Friday, March 26, 2010

Library Fund Challenge

From Jen Nadol:

"I’m participating in Jenn Hubbard’s library-loving blog challenge!
For every commenter on this post between now and Friday, March 26th at 5pm EST, I’ll donate $1 to
Berks County Public Libraries up to $150 total.

Berks County is where I grew up and the libraries there, the ones that had a real impact on me. I remember being ten and loving the feeling of walking to my library, knowing I could pick anything to read from all those books. I can still picture exactly where Pardon Me You’re Stepping on My Eyeball was shelved.

Pennsylvania has had huge budget reductions this year that cut library funding by nearly 30%, limiting hours and eliminating jobs and programs. This seemed like the right place to direct my donation.

So, here’s how it works: you comment, I donate, the library gets a gift! If you don’t know what to say, “I love libraries” or the name of your local branch or the last book you checked out or just “HI!” will all do just fine.

I’m pledging “per commenter”—so if a single person leaves 50 comments, that still only counts once, but you can do more by spreading the word … please link to this post, tweet about it, and send your friends here so they can comment and raise more money.
For a complete list of participating bloggers (and to visit other sites where you can help libraries just by leaving a comment!) visit Jennifer R. Hubbard’s blog at
Thanks for helping us help libraries!"

Help her and the other participating bloggers out!!

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