Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Five months?

I am inherently lazy about updating this. Life gets in the way, such as it is.

So, big news: Bev, the writing mentor, has asked me to sit on a panel with her in October at the Louisiana Book Festival. Of course she was aware of my brilliance (read: she asked randomly) and wants me to discuss my vast writing experience (um: really, we're going to discuss writer's groups). I know something about that since Camp and I started ours about three years ago. I should say, Camp asked me once after writing class one day "don't you think we should keep the critiques going after the semester ends?" to which I agreed. End of the next class and he announces: "Tee and I are starting a writer's group" Yep, that's him.

Despite being bullied into it, I have immensely enjoyed the experience. We found ourselves, during that writing class, in a unique situation; we actually gave and received honest, helpful critiques. We wanted to continue that communication and three years later, here we are. The first half hour consists of us ribbing one another (I generally take the brunt of this little insults) and then we get down to business. I have heard many writers complain about the 'dangers' of writer's groups, because there are many bad opinions and suggestions eager to make their way out of ignorant mouths, but that has not been my personal experience. Maybe I'm just damn lucky. Maybe my evil glares threaten my fellow members and that particular look demands honesty. Who knows? We are fortunate to have each other and I don't even mind the ribbing. Much.

As to the panel, I am incredibly excited and alternatively sick to my stomach when I think about standing in front of total strangers and speaking, all eyes on me. I'm blushing just thinking of it. Ah well, my life motto is "this too shall pass," and that minute mantra has gotten me through some uncomfortable, awkward and stroke-inducing moments. I'm certain, this will pass. I don't think, however, that my projected fifty pound weight loss will be accomplished before October. Damn that genie and his 'your wish is my command' lies!

I should mention that since my last post, I have achieved the unforeseeable and, what I thought would never happen: I finished graduate school. I am officially a Master of Arts.

Still can't believe they bought my BS.

Wonders never cease.

Be well and never give up.

T e e

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