Saturday, February 23, 2008

Where have you BEEN?

I have found myself gainfully employed. Go figure, the one job I wanted— because it was editing and was at a company that could care less about my nose ring, not to mention the frequent paintball wars amongst the cubicles— is the job I secured. I was certain that I hadn’t landed it due to the fact that I had to reschedule my first interview because of the wicked cough, cough, hack, hack of a sinus infection and the fact that I was 15 minutes late to the second interview because I couldn’t find the building! I was shocked beyond measure when my boss called two weeks later and asked me to come in so he could offer me the position.

It is about 10k more than I expected, salaried, full benefits, 401k, etc, etc…and I work with some really sweet girls and a whole load of geeky engineer-types. I’ve also been promised a salary increase after three months, so that will certainly be nice. I’ve just completed my first week and it went pretty well. *touches wood* I’m still training, still working out the kinks, so to speak, but it isn’t as though the work is entirely difficult. There are loads of editing to do, ‘ensure, not insure; then or than,’ that sort of thing, so I’m happy to use my brain at work for once.

I cannot tell you how utterly wonderful it feels to get a check again, to be able to buy my kids and my dear husband things they need/want with my own money; money I earned editing…actually using my degree. That, folks, is all I want…at the moment. No, I don’t believe that I’ll retire from this ickle company, but it’s a great jumping off point.

Other than that and working on my COMPs paper…YET AGAIN…much hasn’t gone on in Tee’s world. I did manage to get up to 267 pages on the novel but, unfortunately, I had to put it on the backburner so that I could concentrate on my COMPs paper. That is an entirely different, sorted tale in itself, dears.

I did, however, submit the prologue and part of the first chapter of my novel to writer’s group this week and got some really encouraging feedback. I also explained the dilemma I was having about crossing genres and about how the novel will be divided. I was, yet again, encouraged in that regard. The truth is, once COMPs are out of the way— regardless of the outcome— I intend to finish writing the story I want with a certain “damn the consequences” mentality. I’ll get the first draft wrapped and then think about genre and plot layout later. For now, I’m simply enjoying playing in the world I’ve created. It certainly demands less than my reality, most importantly, that a 5:30 wake up call is not needed in the least.

In the interim, I periodically satisfy my downtime with Mr. Fraser. Really, can you blame me?


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