Monday, August 8, 2011

Painting Stories #9

What I got:
In the distant implosions of superclusters teemed with light and darkness, stars died and were reborn in the snowing dust of new galaxies and the debris of supernovae. Never had she imagined that space and time could coexist as it did here. There were flashes all around them, worlds she could not name or clearly identify.

Photo courtesy of this place.


Heather said...

What a stunning picture and an equally stunning description! You always leave me wanting more, in a very good way. :)

TS Tate said...

Heh, thanks, Heather. That means a lot!

Elaine Lowe said...

She rose out from the embrace of the earth, the cave of her long meditation, into a brilliant night sky filled with the wisdom of the gods. She'd seen the roots of the powerful trees extend below the ground, and now the bare branches reached out to father sky, so far that the tip of each twig was at one with the blank vacuum of darkness, until each branch burst into bloom with colors of which no human could conceive. Tears flowed from her, as for a fleeting moment she understood it all.

TS Tate said...

Nicely done, C!

Elaine Lowe said...

Thanks Tee. I love yours!

Saba said...

I love this picture!!! Here's mine :)

The night sky explodes with brilliance and color. A sound so deafening it lingers on even after the explosion. The ground shakes, trees fall and the mountains tremble. My body is thrown to the ground. Every building lay toppled or completely destroyed. Not even our fortified bunkers and sanctuaries are spared. But we knew this day was coming.

For generations scientists warned of the great event. We knew our world would witness the birth of a new star system. We prepared for it. At least we thought we did. What we didn't know was that the new star system would open up a rift in our own galaxy. A rift that would either be a new beginning or a horrifying ending.

But it is too late now. As the rift opens, we are bound to the fate of our world. Those who left before the great event, my family included, are likely safe in a faraway galaxy. But here I stand witnessing with my own eyes the most powerful birth of all. In all its beauty and glory, I brace myself for what will come.