Sunday, May 15, 2011

Short Story Month

Did y'all know that May is Short Story month? Really? Well, I swear it is.

In an effort to share my love joy fest of the stories that affected me in the most profound way, I'm recommending a few to you now.

Go forth and read and read more and let me know your opinion of the following once you've done so.

  • My first recommendation for you is not a solitary short, but what for me has been my go-to collection by He-That-I-Fangirl. Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things encompasses courses of his finest works. There is humor, there is fear that borders horror and there is, of course, a snippet into the life of his American Gods' protagonist, Shadow Moon. Gaiman has an ability that hints of the 'not-of-this-world' variety. He paints pictures with words that are in the best possible ways abstract unbelievability of psychedelic dreams. His is not a talent than can be ignored and his stories are not those that will be easily forgotten.

  • Sometimes you find a writer without ever looking. Sometimes, when this happens, you are pleasantly surprised by the discovery. While purveying several online journals, I came across the work of Cat Rambo. In the three years since stalking her on Twitter (in my never-ending attempt to learn from the pros), there have two of Rambo's stories that have left indelible impressions on me. The first, is the beautifully written story about a brother who attempts the impossible to make his sick sister smile. Magnificent Pigs, first published in Strange Horizons in 2006, breathes life into the importance of sibling companionship and demonstrates the strength of family and how that strength, like faith, can make the impossible real. The steampunker in me fell in love with Rambo's Clockwork Fairies, published by Tor in October of 2010. This story draws an uncharacteristic view of a woman discovering herself, asserting herself and branching out into new worlds while shedding the dead weight of the man who would see her conform. Feminist, fantastic and surreal, Clockwork Fairies will leaving you smiling and possibly, cheering by its end.

  • Because I'm an emerging writer and because I know talent when I see it (and this is in no way biased), I'm directing you to Pedestal and my friend Adrienne Crezo's brilliant new short Husband-Shaped. It is all thing literary and heartbreaking. Beautifully written and an expression of what some of you may have experienced = art imitating life in the most profound way.
  • Jeremy C. Shipp is the strangest writer I've read in a very long time. Trust me, that's a huge compliment. His brilliant 'zombie' short- which ain't your mama's zombie story- is evocative, thrilling and heartbreaking. Go check out Those Below.
Also, the lovely Yelena Casale bequeathed to me the honor of being on her "Stylish Blogger" list. As such, I return the favor and, per her rules, name my top five bloggers with the request to give seven "unknown" facts about me. Really, I doubt any of you are interested, but I'll obey the rules.

My Top Five Bloggers:
1. The aforementioned Adrienne Crezo. Shinny bess fran and emerging writer extraordinaire.
2. My #writersroad partner in crime Heather McCorkle who breaks down the big industry news for you every week.
3. Christine Rose. Anything you ever wanted to know about marketing and self publishing, this lady will tell you all about it.
4. Tracy Clark. Cute as a button and criminally talented.
5. Elaine Lowe. The hands down most prolific writer of steamy stories I know. :) things about me?

1. I didn't start university until I was 23. It took me nine years to finish undergrad and grad school because I kept having babies in the process. I've never regretted a second of it.
2. I have what Himself calls 'Hobbit Finger' toes. He's not as funny as he thinks he is.
3. Himself refers to my husband. (okay, not about me, but ya know...close)
4. Nearly all of my very closest friends live in my computer.
5. I have no patience for intolerance. At. All.
6. I don't write everyday, but when I do write, it's generally in massive spurts...2 and 3 thousand words in one sitting.
7. My ultimate writing goals have absolutely nothing to do with monetary success. I just want to write, as a living, and not have to eat Ramen every day.


Phoebe said...

Oh man, I loooove Cat Rambo. She's the awesomest.

adrienne said...

Oh, you. :P

TS Tate said...

@Phoebe, tell me about it. She's amazing. So, so amazing. @Adrienne pffft you and that story? Made. Of. Win.

adrienne said...

I love you. There I said it.

Heather said...

Yay for short story month! And wow that's a lot of great links. I'm so honored and totally flattered to be one of your top bloggers. :) You are the best hon!

TS Tate said...

LOL OMG!! An emotional expression from Adrienne!!! This is epic...the epicest off epicness. I love you too, shiny.

TS Tate said...

My pleasure, Heather. You know I love and adore you and your blog. :)

Christine Rose said...

Thank you so much for including me in your blogger list! I agree about Adrienne's story, and I just read Jeremy's. Interesting! I'm in his boot camp this month. Hope to learn a lot. I'll check out Rambo, too. Thanks for the suggestions!

Julie said...

Thanks for the great leads! So fun getting to know you!

TS Tate said...

My pleasure, Christine. Good luck with the Boot Camp. Thanks, Julie...looking forward to hearing more from you!

bookspersonally said...

Tee, I didn't even know you had a blog, but how fabulous, sound like great rec's and laughing about the Hobbit digits. Following. - Jennifer

Brian H said...

But...what's WRONG with Ramen???

TS Tate said...

LOL Jenn, yeah I've had this blog for about four or five years now, though I haven't been very diligent about keeping it updated. Shame on me! Glad you got a kick out of my disgusting lil Hobbit Finger Toes. :P

TS Tate said...

Brian, nothing is wrong w/ Ramen...except when you HAVE to eat it...all. the. time.