Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paying it forward

So, wonders of wonders, I jump on Twitter this afternoon and discover that the flattering Super Daddy has passed on his One Lovely Blog award to little ole me.

About my small little blog home, he said:

T S Tate - is another writer. I have only recently found her blog, but have enjoyed reading her Teaser Tuesday posts…get your mind out of the gutter…teaser as in teasing the audience with an excerpt of her current writing project.

Thank you Mr. Daddy. You flatter me with your generosity, so I'm paying it forward and linking y'all to some of the blogs I stalk most! I should say, some of the writer blogs I stalk most!

Go forth and read and if I've named you, please pass it along.

1. Adrienne Crezo - This woman is a writing/networking/reviewing animal and, thanks to the miracle of the Internet a great friend to yours truly. On her blog you will find everything from some of the best book reviews to the hands down, most delicious peanut butter cookie recipe you will ever encounter. Recently, Adrienne, Dominatrix of Awesome, as I like to call her, was made Reviews Editor at The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog, so be prepared for your world to be rocked with even more wonderful reviews as well as thorough and skillfully written writing articles. Bow down, children. Bow right down.

2. Phoebe North - Watch out for this one, guys, because Phoebe is about to become the literary world's newest rock star. Her blog features expertly written reviews, advice on writing and Phoebe's personal journey to land an agent. Occassionaly, she'll tell you all about the yummy things she eats, which you know...yay food!

3. Lia Keyes - Okay, so the previous link isn't to Lia's blog, but will lead you to her baby. I've exhausted you plenty with my fangirl gushing about #scribechat and Lia is one big reason why I'm one of this chat's biggest cheerleaders. We don't call her the Chat Yoda for no reason. She is witty, clever and has a wealth of writing knowledge to pass on to we feeble mortals. If you want to learn about the craft and how the business truly works, follow our Yoda. Trust me, you won't be sorry.

4. AJ Larrieu - I have a special place in my heart for AJ. She's a Southern girl living in California and her blog is as inspirational as the beautiful stories that are birthed from her vivid imagination. Read her, follow her on Twitter. You can thank me later.

5. Heather McCorkle - Heather loves writing. No, you don't understand. She really and truly loves it. Read her blog as she takes the journey toward publishdom. She'll be your biggest cheerleader and a wonderful source of constant, perpetual support. This is one classy lady, trust me!


Kevin said...

Nice job on paying it forward. I think it's a fun way to acknowledge your fellow bloggers and let them know someone is paying attention. It felt good to realize that someone other than my family reads my blog. :)~
Take care.

Heather said...

You are so sweet and supportive! Thank you so much. *sniffles*

TS Tate said...

Yes, @Kevin, it is good to know my friends aren't the only ones reading! And, @Heather, it's my absolute pleasure, sweetie!

A. J. Larrieu said...

Thanks so much, honey! This is so sweet! (And I love your pay it forward idea.)

TS Tate said...

Glad you liked it, sweetie. You so deserve it!

Lisa Gail Green said...

Yeah!! Nice choices. :D

TS Tate said...

Thanks, Lisa. How have you been, hon?

Phoebe said...

Aww I missed this! Somehow I thought I was subscribed to your blog but it wasn't showing up in my reader.

You are the sweetest, Tee <3

TS Tate said...

My pleasure, Phoebe my dear. :P