Friday, March 26, 2010

Library Fund Challenge

From Jen Nadol:

"I’m participating in Jenn Hubbard’s library-loving blog challenge!
For every commenter on this post between now and Friday, March 26th at 5pm EST, I’ll donate $1 to
Berks County Public Libraries up to $150 total.

Berks County is where I grew up and the libraries there, the ones that had a real impact on me. I remember being ten and loving the feeling of walking to my library, knowing I could pick anything to read from all those books. I can still picture exactly where Pardon Me You’re Stepping on My Eyeball was shelved.

Pennsylvania has had huge budget reductions this year that cut library funding by nearly 30%, limiting hours and eliminating jobs and programs. This seemed like the right place to direct my donation.

So, here’s how it works: you comment, I donate, the library gets a gift! If you don’t know what to say, “I love libraries” or the name of your local branch or the last book you checked out or just “HI!” will all do just fine.

I’m pledging “per commenter”—so if a single person leaves 50 comments, that still only counts once, but you can do more by spreading the word … please link to this post, tweet about it, and send your friends here so they can comment and raise more money.
For a complete list of participating bloggers (and to visit other sites where you can help libraries just by leaving a comment!) visit Jennifer R. Hubbard’s blog at
Thanks for helping us help libraries!"

Help her and the other participating bloggers out!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Respect and growing up

My brother is a minister. Now, before you go rolling your eyes and making assumptions, I'll say that he certainly comes from that whole 'non-judgmental,' we truly want to help mindset of Christians. He and I were both raised to love everyone, to give to others, to be there with counsel and support when asked. He and I, however, don't always see eye-to-eye politically.

This isn't going to be a long diatribe about the Health Care Reform bill being passed, because I'm sure many of you are like me and are vastly exhausted at hearing the complaints and debate about this very sensitive topic.

This post is merely about respect. You see, though I love my brother and though I can honestly say he is the solitary person in my entire life that has never, ever disappointed me or let me down, he is, like me, very stubborn. When he believes something, it is with every fiber of his nature. He is passionate and sincere and fiercely loyal. But again, we don't discuss politics. We can't. Our opinions differ too much. But what I learned today after texting and tweeting back and forth with him over this Health Care issue, is that, remarkably, we have changed.

It wasn't long ago that we couldn't discuss anything political without either of us getting worked up because we both believe in our confictions passionately. Yet today we let each other voice opinions. We listed facts, we gave each other the space and platform to speak our minds.

It was miraculous. Lord above, have we grown up? Surely not!

The fact is, when you love someone or even remotely care about them, the necessity to let them be the people they are, surfaces. You cannot change anyone. You cannot enforce your ideals down someone's throat. You cannot insinuate your beliefs into someone and still let them be an individual. Relationships, even sibling relationships, need to be fostered over time. They need to be nurtured and coddled so that both parties are allowed to spread their respective wings.

That line of thinking can also reflect what makes us a great nation. This idea that we can argue, have varying opinions, protest and march and rage against injustice without ramifications is a blessing. It's a freedom we are given, innately, when we become a citizen.

Citizenship is like a good relationship: it is something that none of us really know how to manage when we're young. We fight and argue or blatantly ignore what is given to us until a time when we grow, when we mature, when things begin to matter.

Respect is essential in each. If you don't voice your opinion, if you don't vote, if you don't try to heal rifts or mend broken hearts, then you don't deserve either. Being a good sister, a good wife, a good mother are things I desire most. Being a good citizen, is something that I strive to do everyday. It isn't easy, but then what in life is?

The point is to take your relationship (with your significant other, with your family or friends OR with your country), and embrace it. Let it grow, let it evolve. If you do none of these things, then you fester in your journey for happiness. If you are complacent in that journey, then it because ridiculously arduous when it really needn't be.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stop hitting me, Muse

So, I’ve weaned myself off obsessively reading blogs and following certain tweets, (with the exception of my favorites to cyber stalk…sorry, Kim, apologies, Carrie). But, for the most part, this little reprieve has focused my attention and pulled the muse back to my mind kicking and screaming. Oh, that silly little thing is there, even though she’s reluctant to share her gift with me today.

I think she’s mad I left her there while reading Richelle Mead’s series (for a few days) instead of writing. Sorry, Muse, couldn’t help it. Good one, that series.

In any event, I finished my short story. There’s no other way to describe it other than to say that it’s a post-apocalyptic love story. That sounds equal parts menacing and saccharine, but it’s neither, really. The point is, I finished. And, *touches wood* I am a bit proud of it. It’s all things SciFi meets allegory, but with a twist. Finally, almost two years after I finished writing my novel, I have jumped back in and actually completed something. This is a very, very good thing for me.

I did not stop there, with the short story. It’s continued on and I’m near to completion with a second short story I began about six months ago. Once this one is out of the way and both shorts have been edited and refined, I can finally start writing that Feminist Fairy Tale novel that has been bouncing around in my head for ages. (Possibly, the idea for the novel is just my mind’s response to the Muse stomping her feet, but whatever).

An enjoyable birthday brought with it a shiny new laptop thanks to the hubby so writing has become much more convenient. No screaming girls, no needy puppies wanting my full attention. I can now close the door, settle in and write, uninterrupted. That, my friends, is a very helpful thing.

In any event, I think I’ve got my mojo back…something I’ve been missing quite a bit.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Kudos, ladies

I was siphoned down into a Who Dat victory haze/Mardi Gras madness and simply couldn't bring myself to post. But yes, since my last entry, wonders of wonders, the Saints won the Superbowl. There are no proper words in existence that can describe to you my elation at this victory. It's unfathomable. Unfathomable, yes, but utterly elating as well.

Since the game I’ve refocused on writing, but am finding myself distracted which is never a good thing. We’re in the process of DIY renovations— at a ridiculous scale— and that coupled with Ms. Kim’s new release, I’ve been a great, fat procrastinator. This is no good. So I won’t waste your time waxing on not even a bit poetically about my thoughts, ideas or inspiration. I’ll just leave you with a big woo hoo at two of my most favorite people to cyber stalk (teasing) having made the NY Time Best Seller’s list. One for the first time, I believe. So a huge congrats to Kim Harrison (at 3) and Carrie Ryan (at 8 in paperback). Love both these ladies and truly think these kudos are well deserved!